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Corasol kocht / Corasol cuisine / Corasol cooks

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Am Dienstag den 27.08. ab 20 Uhr gibt es in der Friedel 54 wieder
leckeres Essen, diesmal mit Informationen zu der rassistischen
Mobilmachung gegen das neue Heim für Asylsuchende in Hellersdorf und zu
Möglichkeiten Solidarität mit den Geflüchteten zu zeigen.

Mardi le 27.08. à partir de 20h il y a bien repas au Friedelstr. 54,
cette fois-ci avec des informations concernant la mobilisation raciste
contre la nouvelle accommodation des demandeurs d‘asyle à Hellersdorf et
concernant des possibilités de montrer sa solidarité avec les réfugiées.

Tuesday the 27th 8pm there’s again good food at Friedelstr. 54, this
time with information regarding the racist mobilisation against the new
accomodation for asylum seekers in Hellersdorf, as well as regarding
ways of showing one’s solidarity with the refugees.

Demomstration for Refugee Protestmarch in Schweden/ Kundgebung für Protestmarsch der Geflüchteten in Schweden

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Manifestation of solidarity for refugee-protestmarch in Sweden

‚‘Ingen människa är illegal'‘ – nobody is illegal. This is the slogan with which a group of refugee-seekers closed ranks in solidarity with young people from Sweden to set on a 700 km foot march from Malmö to Stockholm. After one month on the road will the ‚‘Asylstafetten'‘ arrive in Stockholm. On this occasion, we will gather at 3:00 pm in front of the Swedish embassy on Rauchstraße 1 to express our solidarity with the movement.

Against the background of the emboldening protest march of refugee-seekers from Würzburg to Berlin last year, initiated Ali from Ghazni – a small town in Afghanistan – the protest project ‚‘Asylstafetten'‘ in cooperation with young activists from Sweden. Being member of a shi‘i minority called Hazara he himself had passed a long way of suffering, personal loss and persecution that led him from his native hometown to Sweden. However, upon arrival he had to witness how his dreams for a life in dignity beyond discrimination and persecution were shattered in the wheels of the EU migration regime. With the aim to carry this mattern into the centre of Swedish society did the ‚‘Asylstafetten'‘ walk from town to town to lend a voice to the voiceless – for safeguarding basic rights and human dignity for all people, whether documented or undocumented! (mehr…)